The StoreX STX56

Automated Incubators for Robotic Integration

-80°C to 200°C
STX56 is the smallest member of the STX line. Its 56 MTP capacity make it perfectly suitable of small-scale integration, highly miniaturized applications or short/long time incubation assays. Its fast retrieval time makes it perfect for throughput issues.

STX56 Overview
StoreX STX56 SA
Main Features
  • STX56 incubators are available for integration with the instrument placed on the table surface (Bench Top – BT) or for integration with the instrument standing on the floor (Stand Alone – SA). The combination of a Stand Alone configuration with a Bench Top allow these units to be stacked.
  • IT models of STX44 subline are suitable for crystallization applications.
  • Special version where the whole electronics is placed in a separate box away from the units body is available for space constrains situations.
  • STX44 in Side Gate configuration is designed for seamless integration at the side of other equipment whilst user door facing to the front.