The StoreX STX140

Automated Incubators for Robotic Integration

-80°C to 200°C
STX140 is the world's smallest carrousel based automated incubator. This unit begins the high throughput series storage line keeping size constraints in mind.

STX140 Overview
StoreX STX140 BT
Main Features
  • The newly developed handling with higher speeds, spring loaded instead of counter weight and Flush Gate improves the overall performance of the unit.
  • The Flush Gate simplifies integration by omitting any obstacle in the gate area.
  • STX140 instruments are available for integration with the instrument placed on the table surface (Bench Top – BT) or for integration with the instrument standing on the floor (Stand Alone – SA). The combination of a Stand Alone configuration with a Bench Top allow these units to be stacked.
  • STX140 slim 400mm width minimizes room required along a robotic line.
  • STX140 robotic Side Access gate is located in the upper part or lower of the housing depending on whether in SA or BT configuration.
  • STX140 with Mirror Gate (MR) access is available both for SA and BT configurations.
  • The physical dimensions of all STX110 are identical and independent of any Climate Options.

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