The StoreX STX1000

Automated Incubators for Robotic Integration

-80°C to 200°C
The STX1000 is the largest carrousel based incubator of the StoreX series with smallest footprint in the industry. STX1000 houses two independently operating carrousels. The transport lift is located on the back side of the incubation chamber between the two carrousels having three rotation positions – left carrousel, right carrousel and transfer station position. The Gate and therefore the transfer station are located in the center of the back side of the instrument. Two large user doors on the front side of the incubator allow simple and easy manual access to the plates inside the incubation chamber. For manual access the carrousels may be positioned automatically or rotated manually.

STX1000 Overview
StoreX STX1000 BT
Main Features
  • STX1000 is available in three internal configurations:
    • (1) 880 MTP capacity with Double Decker carrousel using 2x2 levels of standard 540mm stackers;
    • (2) 1000 MTP capacity using 540mm cassettes on the lower deck and 680mm stackers on the upper deck;
    • (3) 1060 MTP capacity configured as single deck using 1200mm stackers maximizing its capacity.
  • STX1000 with its 770mm depth and 1970mm height fits through any laboratory door or in any maintenance elevator.
  • The wheels lock into place to ensure stability at the workstation.
  • The physical dimensions of all STX1000 are identical and independent of any Climate Options.

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