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April 2021
LiCONiC Japan Legacy Teamy
installed STX44ICMI
April 2021
LiCONiC Japan Legacy Team installed STX44ICMI

LiCONiC Japan Legacy Team installed STX44ICMI at University of Tokyo, Institute of Industrial Science. Dr. Yoshiho Ikeuchi, University of Tokyo, is impressed with our incubator, he mentioned the size is very compact and he is excited to use this unit for his study.

STX44 ICMI is integrated with Nikon Microscope Automated Imaging System. The system is called BioPipeLine-Live. The BioPipeline-Live High Content Imaging System is based on Nikon’s Ti2-E inverted microscope, providing the largest selection of objective lenses, detectors, and more. Multiple confocal options are available to meet 3D high content imaging needs. Well plates can be automatically exchanged between the integrated incubator system (STX44ICMI) and microscope stage with complete environmental control.
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