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10th anniversary, LiCONiC Deutschland GmbH

July 2022

Dear customers, dear business partners, dear employees,
we say thank you for 10 years of LiCONiC Services Deutschland GmbH and would like to thank all business partners who have accompanied us on this way for the good and successful cooperation.

Special thanks go to our customers for their trust and loyalty over many years and also especially to our employees for their commitment and work. Without them we could not share our success either and therefore we are proud and grateful for what they do every day.   We look forward to what is yet to come and to the next 10 years with you.
From the beginning to today

LiCONiC’s total commitment to providing leading edge automated storage and retrieval technology has supported research and development in Drug Discovery, Biobanking, Health Care, Agriculture, and Compound Science. Thousands of field installations have proven high performance, reliability, flexibility, and user friendly hardware and software.

Integration with other devices is easy and supported by universal tools. Users of LiCONiC technology enjoy:
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